06 Oct 2009Blog

Barbados family and friends club promoted by PM in UK

by Maxwell

David ThompsonThe BTA are really coming up with some great ideas to help bring people to the island!

Barbadians living in the UK had an opportunity to meet with the nation’s Prime Minister, David Thompson, when he traveled to London on September 25 for a week long visit.

A major aspect of this trip was a special event in Reading, Berkshire, where he announced the launch of Barbados Family and Friends (BFF) Club, a unique initiative, developed by the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA). Targeting the Barbados Diaspora in key overseas markets, the aim of the scheme is to increase visitor arrivals to Barbados by rewarding members who encourage people to travel to Barbados, whether they are friends, family, neighbours or colleagues.

Members of the BFF Club can earn points for each visitor they refer, who travels to Barbados. Points will be awarded on air travel to Barbados as well as for accommodation in hotels and guesthouses.

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