19 Nov 2011Blog

Barbados celebrates 45 years of Independence this year!

by Monique

The Barbados FlagA little bit about Independence Day in Barbados…

Barbados achieved independence from Britain on 30th November in 1966, after more than 300 years as a British ruled colony. An elaborate parade and ceremony at the Garrison Savannah marks the beginning celebrations of our Independence Day in Barbados.

Forty-five years ago, Barbadians celebrated their first Independence Day by raising of the Barbados National Flag and airing of the National Anthem. Now, Independence day is a public holiday which is normally enjoyed through fairs, festivals, sporting events, and religious services.

Independence day in Barbados also gives a kick start to the Parliament and office buildings in Bridgetown, as well as each roundabout on the highways around the island being decorated in bright lights which remain until after Christmas.

What’s happening over Independence weekend?

Check out Virgin Holidays Surfer’s Bay Music Festival being held at Surfer’s Bay in Silver Sands on the South coast of Barbados from 24th November until 30th November. This music festival combines a set of the UK’s up and coming artists with local and Caribbean bands. Find out more info here.

Also worth attending is the Barbados Independence Surf Festival being held at Soup Bowl in Bathsheba on the East coast of Barbados from 25th November until 27th November. This surf festival will comprise of two premium international competitions, half-pipe demonstrations from local and regional skaters, the famous Independence Bikini Contest, live music, arts and crafts and local food. See the full flyer here.