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Are we going to have a busy season this year, Barbados?

by Monique

Christmas in BarbadosEveryone is wondering if this Winter season is going to be better or worse than last. So, we decided to ask a few key people in the tourist trade for their prediction on the 2011 Winter season in Barbados.

Island Gold Realty is a successful real estate company based on the South coast of Barbados, known for their excellent service and dedicated team who help clients to rent, buy or sell property around the island:

We are booked pretty solid for the Winter season especially at Rockley Golf & Country Club on the South coast and most of our beachfront properties are also already booked.

Will this translate into an active selling season???? Hope so!

Paul Allan, Managing Director & Owner of Island Gold Realty

The Mews Restaurant is known for its excellent cuisine and vibrant bar. Located in the heart of Holetown, The Mews is normally a must on any West coast holiday itinerary:

So far, our pre-bookings over christmas are looking pretty good. For my business, the season typically runs from late december until the end of April; however, over the years, I think the Winter season is getting more intense.

Whereas in previous years, we have enjoyed a steady busy season over a course of 4 or 5 months now it seems more like 2 months. Having said that, feedback from villa managers, concierge services, hoteliers and tour operators point to positive holiday rental bookings for this winter period, so we’re hoping for a good one this year!

Chris Hoad, Owner of The Mews Restaurant

Little Good Harbour & The Fish Pot Restaurant are located on the beachfront to the North of the island, a few minutes from Speightstown and The Atlantis Hotel is on an elevated site overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on the East coast. Both venues have excellent accommodation and incredible restaurants:

Being the eternal optimist, the winter I think will be just ok, certainly not great, but it’s next summer that I think we are all more concerned about, as we see rising operating costs, less disposable income, and aggresive competition in the tourism markets worldwide.

The only consolation is that we are all in the same boat!

Andrew Warden, Owner of The Atlantis Hotel, Little Good Harbour & The Fish Pot Restaurant

Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals makes your car rental easy, convenient and cheap in Barbados. Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals Barbados offers the largest fleet of rental cars, jeeps and vans island wide:

It is difficult if not impossible to predict the tourism market for the next year especially during a time of last minute bookings and continued financial crisis.

I believe however that the Luxury end of the market will continue to see similar numbers to previous years and the middle and lower end will be under pressure into summer 2012.

In the car rental market we are looking at a flat year with significant pressure on pricing into the summer of 2012.

Aldo Ho-Kong-King, Managing Director of Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals

Body Mekanix offers private pilates in your own home for one on one sessions, in duets or small groups. You can also find Lana at Surfside for group sessions. Pilates is an excellent way to re-charge your batteries:

The Christmas season for my business is usually very busy. Although it took a while to pick up last year due to great weather in the Mediterranean and an unexpected storm Tomas here in October, bookings for this Winter started coming in since Summer so I’m anticipating a crazy, busy season.

I’m looking forward to that great Caribbean Christmas energy, working with a bunch of friendly old faithfuls and ready to greet new faces to add to the Body Mekanix family!

Lana Sealy, Pilates Instructor and Owner of Body Mekanix

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