27 Oct 2009Blog

An up n’ coming young and talented photographer: Gina Parravicino from Gina Francesca Photography & Design

by m

Gina Francesca Parravicino is a self taught photographer and graphic artist. Her passion for the arts is shown through her capability to capture the moment and turn them into creative and non-traditional images.

She works on location and in natural light with a relaxed and subtle approach that works on capturing your child’s genuine expressions and natural beauty.

Gina combines her natural talent with artful simplicity to produce images which portray feeling. Although at times she will try to position her subject to get that look she envisions, she more often leaves the subject to explore on their own, capturing their true personalities through the lens.

Available for: Maternity, Newborn, Baby & Child as well as Family Portraits ..

If you are interested in capturing these precious moments in simple yet exquisite ways, call Gina Francesca today!

Phone: +1 246 244 5095
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Gina Francesca Photography & Design