24 Jan 2010Blog

An enjoyable afternoon at Silverpoint hotel

by m

Silverpoint hotel is the newly refurbished Silver Rock hotel which is located on the South East coast of the island (about 5 minutes from the airport).

Last thursday, on Errol Barrow Day, four of us headed down to this boutique hotel to have a late lunch and ended up staying way after the sun had set.

The pool, bar and restaurant area is set up quite nicely, with lounges positioned on the deck so that you face the caribbean sea and witness the ballsy aerial jumps of the 20 odd kite surfers zooming so close to the deck that you think their kite is going to swoop down and get you!

If you want to spend the entire day at Silverpoint, they do offer a US$20 day pass which allows you to use all of their facilities…

Not sure if they offer local accommodation rates but I’m trying to find that out and will keep you posted.

Visit their website to find out more about this kite surfer’s paradise!