16 May 2010Blog

Advertising with Barbados Property List!

by m

Advertising at Barbados Property List is not limited to listing real estate. We also offer banner space and blog posts, which can suit property owners, real estate agents and many other local businesses.

Run-of-site top banner

$1,000 BBD per month

Currently we have a client who has paid for the fixed/ run-of-site top banner ad for the next 6 months so this option is not currently available until September 2010.

Banner ad rotation

$200 BBD per month

Located on the right hand side of our website and this ad rotates every time a page is viewed.

Blog post

$100 BBD per post

Blog posts can be written by you or we can write them for you. Typically we can use blog posts to promote your companies, services and products. Blog posts are not limited to a number of words or images and each post will become instantly listed on Google, Facebook and Twitter. Blog posts are a great way to create links between BPL and your own website. Creating a link between BPL and your website will improve your website’s performance on search engines like Google. In many ways, Google is a popularity contest, the more links you get, the more traffic you get!

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