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Barbados Property List is a one-stop shop for real estate listings in Barbados. Updated every day, our listings offer detailed information about Barbados property in plain English. We connect you directly with reliable real estate sales agents and property owners.

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No problem, contact us to discuss listing multiple listing deals. We have great deals for real estate agents and developers.

Listings can be swapped out for different properties at anytime.

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As a BPL customer you can have as many photos and as much text as you like. We also offer infinite listing updates. We do not place ANY limits on how you wish to list your property. We also think it makes sense to keep the listings as fresh as possible. So you can update the details anytime you want. Fresh listings sell property.

We can provide paying customers with a detailed PDF when requested showing them exactly how many visitors they received. It also describes how many enquiries the listing(s) generated.

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We strive for the utmost quality in our listings. Sub-standard listing content will not be posted on BPL. Of course, we will always work with you to ensure your real estate listings meet our standards.

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