23 Oct 2009Blog

A good deed for Barbados's people

by Maxwell

Was forwarded this short blog today and thought it right to share it to help promote Thomas Underwood for his efforts.

A few weeks back, I wrote about Thomas Underwood, a local teenager who was working on an Eagle Scout project. He led a local effort to collect bicycles, bike parts and accessories, sewing machines and cell phones which would then be shipped to a developing or needy country.

I wanted to follow up with Thomas about how the drive went. He wrote, “Wonderful! We collected more than $1,100 and 164 bikes, in addition to several sewing machines, a couple cell phones and more than $200 worth of parts.

The bikes went to Bridgetown, Barbados, with the Pinelands Creative Workshop, which works with low-income children.” Now that’s pretty fantastic. Look what one individual can do with an idea.

Way to go, Thomas.