31 Jul 2009Blog

A few updates to the site…

by Jonathan

Over the last week we’ve pushed through a few updates to the BPL site.

  • We now have the functionality to display rentals. We can do short term (winter and summer rates) and long term pricing.
  • A more obvious comment link at the end of blog posts to encourage discussion.
  • Some stylistic changes to the typography and layout. For example, our blockquotes now look a lot nicer.
  • At-a-glance listing view for agent’s pages. Makes it easier for purchasers to see what a particular agent has to offer.
  • We also changed the way Advanced Search is displayed so that when it’s active the interface looks less cluttered. It’s also more clear that this is an optional way of navigating the listings; you don’t necessarily have to use it. Instead, you can click on single categories to view listings.

We hope you like the updates, but as ever our ears are open to any feedback you have on the design and functionality of the website… Please use the comments below… And if you’re reading this on Facebook, please click through to the site to comment…