02 Feb 2012Blog

50 reasons to live in Barbados

by Monique

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  1. The feeling you get on a super clear cloudless day, when the water is that perfect shade of blue and you have nothing to do and all day to do it, is reason enough to live in Barbados. (Thanks Tarik Browne)
  2. It never takes too long to get anywhere on the island: The farthest journey from the top of one coast to another takes about 40 minutes, otherwise there’s a beach, restaurant, rum shop and petrol station generally within 15 minutes of most places.
  3. You can drive your car to the market in a wet bikini with a beer in your hand, and no one looks twice! (Thanks Lachelle Farrar)
  4. The friendly, local culture: Barbadians are friendly people, eager to help a stranger, usually with a smile on their faces and who will include you in their conversations even if you can’t understand a word they are saying! ;p
  5. ALL of the people are lovely! (Thanks Katie McGill)
  6. We are outside of the main path of hurricanes and it’s one of the safest islands to live in. (Thanks Ramon Payne)
  7. It’s a great place to raise a family!!! (Thanks Janine Carol Banfield)
  8. Barbados allows you more quality time to grow up with your family, to reflect when there are often breathtaking moments without noises of traffic and the hustle bustle of a big city, to exercise outdoors everyday if you want to, to breath beautiful clean moist air, to see and meet the odd rockstar, to watch the beautiful games of Polo and Horse racing, to eat anywhere from a seaside rum shack to a five star restaurant, and to take in the big world with a direct flight when ever the heck you feel like it! (Thanks Heather Harrington Jones)
  9. Flying fish: You can grill flying fish, fry it or steam it and eat it in a bun (called a cutter), with some pie and gravy or even with a salad. Any which way, it is by far one of the most preferred fish on the island.
  10. Our local fine tasting rum: Extra Old Mount Gay Rum is one of the best and most award winning rums in the world made locally and perfect on ice or with a dash of coke. It’s my favourite! (And can only be found in very few places overseas)
  11. Rum shops: A flask of rum, a bowl of ice and a mixer is all you need for a good time and this good time doesn’t break your pocket!
  12. The quality and diversity of restaurants: Barbados has a dining experience for every budget. From fine dining on the West coast to more casual eateries on the South coast strip and St. Lawrence Gap, and it never takes very long to get to there from home.
  13. You can drink the water straight from the tap. (Thanks Jaime Zimmerman)
  14. Local cuisine: Bajan cuisine is very tasty but quite often made up mainly of a piece of meat and 2 or 3 starches (macaroni pie, peas and rice, scallop potato, couscous, pasta salad), some gravy and salad or veg. The perfect food to set you up for a good afternoon sleep! ;p
  15. Lemongrass Noodle & Bar: The best eatery on the island to get your Pad Thai or Yaki Ramen fix! Located within the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown, Lemongrass is affordable and a mixture of South East Asian cuisine. Ask for Sam (the same owner from Cassareep Cafe).
  16. Local fish fries: When you’re feeling for a chilled dinner out, you can go to a number of local and very affordable eateries at beachfront locations such as Merton’s, Cuz, Braddy’s Bar and Martin’s Bay, to name a few.
  17. Oistins Fish Fry: This is where you can eat freshly caught fish grilled to perfection with a side of starch and some salad, while listening to some reggae/tunes pelting from the speakers in the esplanade and sipping on your icy cold Banks beer. As an added perk, the food portions are generous and inexpensive.
  18. Lemon Arbour on a Saturday: Some rum, pork, sea cat, Caribbean music, cool breezes, country views and lots of local chatter make for a very good Saturday afternoon lime.
  19. Bull dogs from shell gas station and Cuz cutters. (Thanks Sean Abed)
  20. St. Lawrence Gap: You can have a bite to eat, and party at numerous bars without having to drive a place… everything is within walking distance to the other.
  21. The gorgeous ocean!… and there are no sharks that I am aware of! 😉 (Thanks Julianne Gill)
  22. Waves all year round: Barbados has some of the best surf breaks, perfect for all levels of surfers from beginner to intermediate.
  23. Soup bowl: One of the most popular breaks in Bathsheba on the East coast of Barbados which is adorned by locals and visited by pro surfers such as Kelly Slater, and has at the very least, a little something to ride most of the year.
  24. Picnics on the beach: Choose almost any beach around the island, pack a picnic lunch, grab a few towels and spend the day chilling with your friends and family… in the sun! ;p
  25. Ju Ju’s Beach bar: Order one of the best homemade fries and grilled fish platters from this beach bar which is on the West coast of the island. This beach is also perfect for swimming and there’s a reef close to shore where you can easily swim with turtles. Many a sunday is spent with a group of friends at Ju Ju’s.
  26. The people are people; everyone is approachable (Thanks Sam Taylor)
  27. Because Bajans are SUPER nice to pregnant people. I’ve had 2 daughters – one in Barbados, one overseas – and the people in BIM know how to treat a pregnant lady!!! (Thanks Lynn Edwards)
  28. Crop Over: This summer festival is one of my favourites. It’s that time of year when soca music takes over and colour nor class matter. “We having a ball, the sun could shine, the rain could fall!”
  29. Reggae on the Hill: Reggae on the Hill is the grand finale of the Barbados Reggae Festival which is usually held at Farley Hill National Park and in the past, has included artists such as Richie Spice, Maxi Priest, Luciano and Tarrus Riley.
  30. It’s always hot, the crystal blue ocean and beautiful people. (Thanks Brooklyn Mike)
  31. Consistent vitamin D every day of the week and breathtaking sunsets every evening? Need I say more?
  32. Barbados has nice, sunny weather and beautiful beaches. (Thanks Natalie Thomas)
  33. Outdoor activities: Sunshine all year round is a glorious thing! Barbados has never ending activities to enjoy outdoors in the warm weather, including gully hikes (like Welchman Hall Gully), sailing, horseback riding, golf, polo, mountain biking, running and more…
  34. Only in Barbados will it have rain and sunshine at the same moment, beaches that look like they are from a postcard, are you forced to realise the world doesn’t move a million miles a second when you are there and where strangers say hello to you. I’m a huge traveller and from Australia to California to Miami, none of them compare to visit, let alone live. 😉 There really is no better place to call home. (Thanks Jessy Marie)
  35. Rum and fresh coconut ‘wata’, and the “no problem man” attitude rules here! (Thanks Rachel Clarke)
  36. Watersports available at most beaches: There is normally a vendor on most popular beaches who will take you skiing, wake boarding, skidooing or on the fun tire tubes. Makes for an action packed day at the beach!
  37. Kite surfing: The bays on the South coast are known for their perfect wind for kite surfing, especially Silver Rock and Silver Sands beach.
  38. World class golf courses: Barbados is well renowned for its world class golf courses at Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland and Durants/Barbados Golf Club. Golfers travel from all over the world to play a round at the Green Monkey; Barbados’ most prestigious and expensive golf course.
  39. Views at North Point: A drive to this side of the island is really pleasant and the blow holes off the ragged cliff edge mixed with the rough, mean looking Atlantic Ocean is an amazing sight to behold.
  40. Sandy Lane beach: Besides its clear blue waters, powdery white sandy beach and vibrant reefs, Sandy Lane beach is also the place to spot the very famous who often stay at the hotel during the Winter season. Can be a laugh to spot the A-lister.
  41. Tropical seasonal fruit: Avocados, Julie mangoes, dunks, gooseberries, golden apples, ackees, star fruit and mammy apple and so many other tropical fruit to eat as it comes or make chow with! Oh, so good!
  42. Harrison’s Cave: This recently remodeled natural wonder is located inland in the parish of St. Thomas and offers a tour of a breathtakingly beautiful, crystallised limestone cavern created by nature.
  43. St. Nicholas Abbey: St. Nicholas Abbey has been restored and now offers guided tours. Definitely explore the boiling house and rum distillery where St. Nicholas Abbey Rum is produced, hire a guide to learn the history of this grand plantation and sip on your rum punch while watching the home movie created by the previous plantation owner. The lunch at their Terrace Cafe is quite good and their St. Nicholas Abbey’s 12 year and 8 year old rum is even better! 😉
  44. If you get stopped and you are drunk in charge of a vehicle, the policeman will drive your truck home for you with you in the passenger seat and his colleague following behind in the police car! (Thanks Neil Dickson) *Note from author: this does not happen for everyone so drink responsibly!
  45. Mahi Mahi: Or otherwise referred to as dolphin (no, not flipper!) is plentiful in Caribbean waters, can be cooked any which way, served in almost every restaurant and a hit amongst visitors.
  46. Historical churches: Barbados has the highest number of churches per square mile with an equally similar number of rum shops usually in close proximity! Some of these churches are a sight to behold and are scattered all around the island.
  47. Valuable real estate: The value of land and property in Barbados is unaffected by the world’s economic troubles and continues to be the sought after destination for celebrities and the wealthy to buy their second home.
  48. Barbados has lower utility bills than cold countries. And of course the weather is great!!! (Thanks Sue Barker)
  49. Cattlewash: Walks with the dogs along this long stretch of beach with views of the rugged (mountainous by Barbados standards) hillside and the rough breezy Atlantic ocean is refreshing and good exercise.
  50. It’s a beautiful island and there is no dangerous wildlife (except for maybe centipedes and perhaps the odd jellyfish)! (Thanks Jason Millington)