12 May 2012Blog

5 things to think about before building your new home

by Monique

5 things to think about before building your new home1. Plan your budget

Have a serious look at how much you can afford to spend and what building costs will likely amount to. If you’re not a cash buyer, set up a meeting with the loan department at your bank to confirm what loan you are eligible for. Knowing what funds you will have to work with will help you with your design planning.

Also factor in additional costs associated with mid-project changes. Chances are, as our friends at John Edwards Construction noted; “Your project will cost more than you’ve planned. It is inevitable.”

2. Find your plot of land

Before you can start designing your floor plans and building your dream home, you obviously need to locate a lot (we have numerous agents who can help you with this process!). It is always wise to double check covenants, drainage, zoning and any surrounding building development with your attorney (and or your agent).

3. Get professional

Next up, you’ll need to put together a team of people to make this all happen. An architect, contractor, quantity surveyor and interior designer come to mind. Chances are the architect you select will have his own team of people to offer you, if not we have quite a few we could recommend.

4. Sourcing fixtures, fittings and furnishings

Your interior designer will be able to guide you on the best way to source items for your new home, however if you’re planning to bring items in from abroad, be sure to speak to a customs broker to confirm all associated duties and a shipping company to confirm shipping costs.

5. Always have signed contracts with your professional team

To protect both sides, be sure to confirm all building, interior design, architect costs and so on prior to commencing work on your new home. Also remember to factor in a proviso which covers potential additional changes and associated costs that may occur during the process of building your home.