30 May 2017Blog

5 Secrets to a Perfect Barbados Vacation

by Monique

Barbados is the ultimate destination for a Caribbean vacation. But it helps to have some inside knowledge to take your trip to the next level.

Here are five tips to ensure it is unforgettable:

1. Set your watch to island time

There’s nowhere quite like Barbados to give you a renewed appreciation for what’s important in life. You might be trying to fit in a lot of experiences on your holiday, but it’s important not to rush or be impatient. Letting your day take its course instead of sticking to a rigid schedule will help you appreciate the beauty that surrounds you and give you the refreshment that a holiday is for. Taking a more relaxed approach when waiting for service will help you gain an understanding of island life. Take the time to talk to the locals and you could easily end up with new friendships.

2. Do an island cruise on your first day

An island cruise is the perfect way to gain an appreciation for Barbados and its people from the outset. A cruise of the West Coast will give you an overview of the island and the guide will give you some perspective on what life is like for Barbadians. They will be able to point out historical, natural and cultural aspects of Barbados that you probably wouldn’t notice on your own. The views will be breathtaking and you will have the chance to see shipwrecks, ocean life and sea turtles up close.

3. Hire a private driver for at least one day

To get the most out of your Barbados vacation, you’ll want to get off the beaten track and not just experience the tourist hot-spots. Hiring a private driver means you get first-hand local experience and advice. You can ask your driver to recommend lesser known places to explore. They will also be able to give you historical and cultural background to the places you see.

4. Get outside, a lot

Some people enjoy the security and luxury that comes with a hotel or resort in a foreign country. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you won’t get to experience the true essence of Barbados from within a hotel’s grounds. Don’t be a spectator on your own holiday, there’s too much to do! The weather is idyllic in Barbados all year round, so it’s worth making the most of. The sea on the west coast is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The east coast is the perfect surf beach, so if you’ve ever considered learning to surf, this is the place to do it. There are many natural sites worth exploring inland too, such as caves, gullies and gardens.

5. Lime with the locals on a Friday night

One of the most beautiful aspects of Barbados are its people. Their personalities are unlike what you will have experienced before and having a perfect Barbados vacation means getting to know the friendly Barbadians. Liming or hanging out on a Friday night is a great way to do this. Everyone is in fantastic spirits, enjoying music, good local cuisine and a few drinks. This will also provide you with an opportunity to try some authentic Bajan food. You know it’s good if it’s where the locals eat!

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