14 Jul 2009Blog

5 questions for Lee Gooding, Seaside Realty Inc.

by m

Seaside Realty logo2How long have you been a real estate agent and/or in the real estate business?

I started Seaside Realty Inc. approximately eight years ago and we specialize in sales, rentals and property management. I have always enjoyed both real estate and property management and therefore took some courses whilst at The University of Guelph, where I obtained a degree in Hotel Management.

What are the top 3 things that separate you from your competitors?

There are many ways in which Seaside Realty makes a difference in the business.

a) One is that our staff do their very best to find the most suitable property for the client. To do this we don’t limit our searches to only those properties we have direct. We work close with many other agents and can therefore offer our clients a wider variety of options within their budget. It does not matter which property will fetch us more commission….what matters is that our clients end up as happy customers!

b) Another way that separates us from our competitors is by the staff we have chosen to represent the company. Our employees are with us due to their willingness, their professional & personable attitude, vast knowledge and experience in the business, their flexibility and last but not least their honesty. Clients are made to feel comfortable via telephone and during viewing.

c) And lastly, we try to make ourselves available after hours and on weekends, our agents make it possible for properties to be shown at the times that best suit the client.

Which countries are the majority of your purchasers from?

The majority of our purchasers are locals, followed by the U.K. and Canada. We get most of our local clientele through word of mouth and our good reputation.

Have sale prices been affected by the global financial crisis in the last 6 months?

There has certainly been some price stabilization and reductions this year. Land prices have more stabilized, while property prices have tended to drop. My belief is that these strained financial times have caused owners to achieve more realistic prices for their properties, not necessarily caused anyone to “give their property away”. At the moment there are some really great deals, perfect for the developer who has the funding to purchase now and wait out the down time.

Do you have a presence on other islands in the region and/or outside of the region (affiliations)?

At the moment we only have our local office and no other affiliates. We have considered branching to the other islands, but with only five staff members we rather not stretch ourselves too thin and in doing so sacrifice good service. My dream is to have a presence overseas in the future and when I do so, we will have the means of running just as efficiently as we do now.