17 Jul 2009Blog

5 questions for George Ramsay, George A Ramsay & Co Ltd.

by m

George Ramsey & Co Ltd logoHow long have you been a real estate agent and/or in the real estate business?

Our business was started by my father G. A. Ramsay in 1966 and I worked with him on a part time basis. He died in 1970 and I continued the business and incorporated in 1986 as George A. Ramsay & Co. Ltd. We have therefore been in operation for 43 years.

What are the top 3 things that separate you from your competitors?

(a) Stability and Longevity- We are a family owned and operated business with my son Arthur, the Managing Director and my son Alain, a Director, the third generation. (b) Relationships –As a result of (a) We have established and maintained extremely good relationships with our colleagues in the profession, with Bankers and other mortgage and investment professionals and as a result can call on them to assist in sourcing, marketing or financing Client’s property. (c) Service -We offer a variety of services which include: valuations/appraisals (for over 25 years), sales, property management and our customer oriented staff is willing to assist at all times.

Which countries are the majority of your purchasers from?

Primarily local or non-resident Barbadians, but we also service Clients from Europe, USA and Canada.

Have sale prices been affected by the global financial crisis in the last 6 months?

I prefer to say that the market has stabilized. Within the last four decades we have seen periods where our market has been subject to external financial pressure and in each case there has been stabilization, in that prices have rolled back to realistic levels (the fat has been removed). The same is happening at this time. I would not want to suggest, however, that it is a “buyers market”. Traditionally, once stabilization has taken place, prices remain quite firm and only those persons in distressed circumstances may discount heavily, the others will wait and see.

Do you have a presence on other islands in the region and/or outside of the region (affiliations)?

Our primary market is Barbados but we have contacts within the region, the USA, Canada and Europe, particularly Norway (through one of my daughters-in-law who is Norwegian).