13 Jul 2009Blog

5 questions for Bridgette Adams, ABBDA Realty Inc.

by m

How long have you been a real estate agent and/or in the real estate business?

I have been in Real Estate for 12 years.

What are the top 3 things that separate you from your competitors?

The three things which separate me from my competitors are that I go the extra mile to make sure the clients requirements are met. I have no scheduled working hours – what ever time day or after hours is required to complete the job, I will work. Lastly, I conduct all my Real Estate business using strict business ethics and this applies to any other agents I may use.

Which countries are the majority of your purchasers from?

Most of my purchasers are from Europe.

Have sale prices been affected by the global financial crisis in the last 6 months?

Yes it is definitely now a buyers market.

Do you have a presence on other islands in the region and/or outside of the region (affiliations)?

My company and main operation is from Barbados where I was born and live, however being half Vincentian and having family in several islands I actually have property listed in Grenada, Bequia, St Vincent and Tobago.The Caribbean is home land to me of which I will be exploring on a larger scale later this year.

Bridgette Adams