24 Jul 2017Blog

13 Reasons I Love Living at Heron Court and You Will Too

by Monique

I’ve lived at Heron Court, on and off, for over 3 years. Originally, as a renter of number 15, where myself and my partner learned to live with—and—raise our daughter. Unfortunately, we were forced to move when 15 was sold, but just recently, we managed to get a mortgage and move back in as owners. Happily now residing 2 doors up from where our daughter took her first steps.

It’s great to be back and I’d like to share some of the reasons I love living at Heron Court with you…

1. You can walk to Colony Club Hotel

Colony Club Barbados

Colony Club Barbados

The beach by Colony Club Hotel is a great option if you want a quiet, shady spot to chill. Access the beach next to the hotel and walk North. In front of the big luxury villas are various private shady spots.

2. A nice mix of local families and holiday makers

Currently, Heron Court is a 50:50 mix of local families and holiday makers. Everyone gets along and the influx of tourists keep the place interesting. Originally designed as holiday rental villas, the local family owners came later. But everyone has maintained the open, friendly holiday atmosphere.

3. Dog friendly

Few small island villas at this price point are dog friendly. Mostly because they lack good outdoor space. The Heron Court gardens are on the small side, but they can support small dogs and considerate owners.

4. You can walk to Ju Ju’s Beach

Ju Ju's Beach Bar Barbados

Ju Ju’s Beach Bar Barbados

Once a secret spot, Ju Ju’s is now a popular beach side Rum Shop serving great drinks, lunches and sunsets daily. Take a look Ju Ju’s Beach Facebook Page.

5. Limegrove shopping is on our doorstep

Limegrove Barbados

Limegrove Barbados

West Coasters are especially lucky to have Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. It’s hard to imagine a nicer shopping center in London or New York, let alone little old BIM, but in Limegrove we have so much more than that. The shady courtyards alone are a great spot to relax and escape from the sun. Then there’s all the great shops, bars and restaurant. We often take our toddler for an ice cream from Pastry Box and a run around the courtyard.

6. Preconco construction means the houses are solidly built and very soundproof

Heron Court villas are solid. We discovered this first-hand when hanging some pictures. 90% of the walls in the villas are pre-cast concrete. These houses aren’t going anywhere and if properly maintained, they’ll last you a lifetime. This is also great sound proofing, which is vital when leaf blowers are blowing and you need your child to take a nap. Or even when you have a few friends over for drinks you can be sure no one is getting disturbed on the upper level of the villa.

7. Friendly neighbours

Heron Court is social. The single road access means you’ll be regularly meeting your neighbours and visitors. It’s a great way to live and neighbourhood drinks and dinners are common.

8. Lone Star Restaurant

Lone Star Barbados Bar Lounge

Lone Star Barbados Bar Lounge

The Lone Star is a great beachfront spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. At lunch time, you can choose to sit with your toes in the sand but for more formal dining, you’d better request a table inside the restaurant. Their rum punch is probably the best on the West coast.

9. Reasonably priced

Heron Court units are reasonably priced. The remaining developer-owned units have come down a long way in recent years. And there’s still some great deals to be had here.

10. Low maintenance costs

The maintenance fees for HC are ridiculously cheap. Sure, there’s no golf course or tennis courts like our neighbours up the hill, but at $600 BBD per annum, the fees are a tiny fraction of what Westmoreland and Sugar Hill charge.

11. Easy to maintain

Smaller is easier to maintain. Let’s face it, construction costs in Barbados have not been friendly since the 2008 recession. These costs combined with the additional work needed to maintain tropical homes against the elements and pests, means that house maintenance is actually pricing a lot of people (local and tourists alike) out of their homes. Heron Court units are easy to maintain. Garden maintenance is a couple hundred a month and upkeep on the properties themselves will only run you a few thousand per year.

12. Golf at Westmoreland or Sandy Lane Old Nine

Westmoreland Golf Barbados

Westmoreland Golf Barbados

Investigate membership fees at Royal Westmoreland and Sandy Lane Golf Club. Both courses are nearby and are world class championship courses played by many a celebrity.

13. Sensible By-Laws

The by-laws for HC are very well thought out. You will not find untidy kids toys or plastic lawn furniture in the neighbourhood. This keeps the villas appealing to tourists and secures the owner’s investment for the future.


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