16 Jan 2013Blog

10 unique household cleaning products

by Summer

Can’t find that @TIDE pen or your nifty @SHOUT stain eraser? No problem. Here’s a list of ten unique household cleaning products that you might not have thought of to use on your ‘oops’s’!

1. Vinegar

VinegarRemove lint on your black clothes by adding a cup of white vinegar to the wash. This only works IF you don’t put white towels in with your black stuff.

You can use it in your final rinse to remove soap residue as well.


2. White Bread

White breadWhite bread is sticky and therefore is great for cleaning up shattered glass. Just press your slice of bread into small shards, and the bread does all the work.

Make sure to dispose of the bread properly after.


3. Indigestion tablets

Alka SeltzerUse Alka Seltzer tables to remove watermarks. Just place a few tables in your vase, and let stand overnight.

Alka Seltzer tablets are also good for removing stains in toilets. Just drop a few in the bowl and leave overnight.


4. Stainless steel spoon

Rub hands on stainless steelTo get rid of the smell of garlic on your hands, try rubbing them on stainless steel.

This will also work quite well if you have been chopping onions and can’t quite seem to get that raw smell off your hands.


5. Boiling water

Boil water in microwaveIf you want to loosen the particles of food on the inside of your microwave, all you have to do is boil a cup of water in it, then give the interior a quick wipe.

You will need to boil the water for approximately two minutes.


6. Spray cooking oil

Pam sprayCooking sprays like “Pam” have many other uses in the kitchen than just the obvious.

Avoid getting red stains in your plastic food containers, by spraying them with “Pam” before pouring in a tomato-based sauce.


7. Used coffee

Ground coffeeMose people might throw out their coffee grounds, but it can be put to good use to eliminate strong smells in the freezer or fridge.

Just put the used dry grounds of coffee into an old margarine tub with holes poked in the lid.

Place the tub in the refrigerator to absorb odours.

8. Toothpaste

ToothpasteUse a dollop of toothpaste to shine sink fixtures. Rub over faucets with a wet sponge.

Another great use for toothpaste in the home, apart from cleaning your teeth, is if you have sour smelling baby bottles.

Scrub with toothpaste to get rid of that old milk smell.

9. Cooking oil

Cutting boardA quality cutting board is quite expensive, so to keep it from staining by rubbing it down every so often with cooking oil. Because wood will absorb what you put on it, it is best NOT to use harsh cleaners.

A vegetable based cooking oil is best for seasoning and maintaining your cutting board.

10. Ketchup

KetchupTired of seeing those ugly and grungy stains on your pots and pans? Use ketchup to remove them. Just squirt on a little, rub and rinse. You MAY need to repeat a few times.