15 Aug 2012Blog

10 uses for vodka

by Monique

Newsflash! I’ve found 10 other household purposes for vodka other than using as the main ingredient in your mid-week cocktail! Although, some of these secret powers may cause some concern to you vodka lovers…

1. Get rid of rust.

1. Get rid of rustSoak your rusty nails, screws and even razors in vodka for at least half an hour. Wipe the item well to remove any residual rust particles and retain their former splendor.

(P.S This is slightly worrying to me if you think about what it may be doing to your liver?!)

2. Avoid the ouch factor.

2. Avoid the ouch factorOne of vodka’s many talents is to break down the qualities of any adhesive. This comes in handy when you’re ready to remove a rather secure and daunting bandaid from your skin. All you need to do is thoroughly wet the bandaid with vodka, leave for a few minutes and watch (or feel) as the adhesive loosens. Vodka dissolves adhesive you say? Yes, again slightly worrying what it does to your organs…

3. Eliminate watermarks on sanitary ware.

3. Eliminate watermarks on sanitary wareLiving on a limestone island like Barbados, chrome sanitary ware tends to accumulate hard water spots. Hard water contains a moderately high concentration of dissolved minerals and as the water evaporates, it leaves these minerals behind, creating stains. Luckily there is an easy way to remove these limey deposits. Grab a soft cloth, soak in (pure) vodka and wipe down your taps, handles and even shower heads for a shiny, clean finish!

4. Remedy your upholstery.

4. Remedy your upholsterySoda water when applied immediately to a drink or food stain on your clothing works. It is said that salt can help remove red wine stains, and now vodka is also a remedy to battle pesky marks from your couch. All you have to do is dip a cloth in vodka, rub and blot dry, simple.

(P.S apparently vodka combats red wine spillage as well!)

5. Achieve a streak-free glass finish.

5. Achieve a streak-free glass finishDo away with commercial remedies to clean your windows and french doors, such as Windex. Instead, mix your vodka with some water (resist the norm of adding ice ;p), spray onto glass panes of your windows and doors (this even works for eye-glasses), and wipe with a lint-free cloth. Voila, your view is crystal clear (and germ-free too!). A window cleaner’s best kept secret…

6. Say goodbye to mold.

6. Say goodbye to moldIf you’re like me, I absolutely detest mold and will do everything in my power to see it obliterated from my home. Living next to a gully makes this job never-ending but now I can use a more economical remedy. The pure form of vodka works best here. Spray vodka directly on to the moldy areas, let sit for at least half an hour, then scrub with a toothbrush or small scrub brush.

Works like magic…

7. Extend the life of your flowers.

7. Extend the life of your flowersA few drops of vodka keeps the garbage at bay! ;p Insert a few drops of (pure) vodka along with a teaspoon of sugar, into the water of your vase.

This combination prevents the onset of wilting of your pretty petals (at least for a little while longer)…

8. Eradicate wild plants.

8. Eradicate wild plantsYou’ll need some sunshine for this one… The concoction includes: 1 ounce vodka, 1 tsp of squeezy & 2 cups water. Spray the mixture on weeds that have access to direct sunlight.

This vodka cocktail removes the waxy filament surrounding the leaves of the weed, allowing the sun to dry them out and eventually wilt away.

9. Eliminate musty smells from clothing & shoes.

9. Take away musty smells from clothing & shoesI’m not sure about this one, because although I wouldn’t want to smell musty, I’m not sure smelling like rubbing alcohol is much better! 😉 Nonetheless, to remove an unwanted smell from your clothing, gently spray (pure) vodka on the pieces of clothing that are offensive and hang outdoors to dry. For your shoes, dilute the vodka, spray the interiors and let dry. Guaranteed to restore to odorless order.

10. Stop that stinging sensation.

10. Stop that stinging sensationBrilliant for visitors to Barbados and islanders alike, pour (pure) vodka onto jellyfish or man o’ war stings, to disinfect and alleviate discomfort.

Probably a good idea to take a shot of vodka at this point as well, to further delay your pain threshold!