20 Sep 2011Blog

The 10 best beaches in Barbados!

by Monique

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9. Silver Rock Beach

Silver Rock Barbados Kitesurfing

Silver Rock Beach is located on the South coast and is a very popular spot for kitesurfers and windsurfers.

This beach features high sand banks and although the water is generally safe for swimming, at certain times of the year when a swell rolls through, the currents can become very strong.

Silver Rock beach is now home to Silver Point Hotel where you can pay a small fee (compared to West coast hotel day access rates) to spend the day by the pool or have some lunch whilst watching kitesurfers launching ariel manoeuvres. This can be quite thrilling from the comfort of the Silver Rock Hotel deck.  Alternatively, you can learn yourself, just enquire at the watersports facility available on the beach itself.

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