06 Sep 2017Property For Sale Reduced

Ifill Road

Clapham, St. Michael



This 2 story Barbados apartment building for sale is located in a well established neighbourhood in Ifill Road, Clapham, St. Michael.

Clapham is near to Wildey with all its amenities and within easy access to Bridgetown and the ABC highway.

The original house was changed into 4 apartments in 2004 with some additional completion one can see a potentially good income earner while enjoying a choice of living to suit your needs.


  • Price reduction from 339,500 USD!

Features of this Barbados apartment building for sale

  • Land area: 10,836 sqft
  • No. of bedrooms: 8
  • No. of bathrooms: 6
  • Upstairs: 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment
    • Patio – need to be tiled and staircase
    • Living room/Dining room/kitchen open plan granite counters
    • Patio (40’x20’) at the rear of the house, this needs to be tiled and stairwell completed
    • Master bedroom with en-suite, bathtub/shower, unfinished vanity, walk-through-cupboards area
    • Bedroom 2 built-in-cupboards
    • Bathroom
    • Bedroom 3 built-in-cupboards, staircase to loft area
    • Office
    • Power room incomplete
  • Ground floor front: 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment
    • Patio
    • Living room/Dining
    • Kitchen tiled counters, ample cupboards
    • Bedroom 1 with en-suite, built-in-cupboards
    • Bathroom with shower
    • Bedroom 2 built-in-cupboards
    • Laundry room
  • Ground floor rear: 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment
    • Living room
    • Kitchen with granite counters
    • Bedroom 1 built-in-cupboards
    • Bathroom with shower
    • Bedroom 2 built-in-cupboards
    • Ground floor front: Studio apartment
    • Kitchen/bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Storage cupboard
  • Driveway around the building
  • At rear are some fruit trees and lawn
  • Parking spaces at front
  • Residential

Amenities nearby

  • Shops in Wildey
  • South coast beaches
  • Sit Garfield Sobers Gymnasium


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