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20 Sep 2011Blog

The 10 best beaches in Barbados!

by Monique

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1. Crane Beach

Crane Beach, Barbados

Crane Beach is located on the South East coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Philip, and is ideal for picnicking with friends and family.

Alongside the loungers reserved for The Crane Hotel’s guests, there is a local vendor who can provide lounge chairs and umbrellas for a reasonable fee ($10 – $15 BBD per chair and roughly the same for an umbrella). Although situated on the Atlantic Ocean, Crane beach is perfect for swimming or wading in the shore, and also provides fun waves and breakers for the body surfer and boogie boarder. The waves can be a little dangerous for really small children so parental caution is advised.

Easy access is provided for The Crane Hotel guests in the form of a cliff-face elevator, otherwise, if you’re not staying at The Crane Hotel, you can access the beach via stepping stones which are located on the Northern access. Be prepared for a somewhat precarious hike over these stepping stones, especially if traveling with a picnic cooler. If you’re feeling cheeky you could try your luck at the hotel gates, if you say your visiting guests or stopping for lunch, you may just get waved in. But don’t tell them we told you. ;)

Breathtaking views await you along its white sandy beach, blue waters and cliff faces backed by coconut trees and vegetation.

Read more about Crane beach here.

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  • Shelley Lunt says:

    Hello Monique, I appreciate receiving your listings!

  • mary says:

    botton bay is beautiful

  • Rodney says:

    U have not seen the best if u miss the one near the city that runs in front of Harbour lights

  • John says:

    Crane is an awesome beach, beware though, this time of the year there will be loads of seaweed, practically ruining your experience.. Like, I’ve been living in BBD for the last 3-4 months now, been to Crane 4 times and it’s always been covered in seaweed. Not nearly as pretty as in the pic….

    Also beware of the guys providing beach chairs and coconut drinks. We paid $30 BBD for 2 chairs and an umbrella, which, contrary to the authors opinion, I find very unreasonable. However, it is what it is.. just don’t pay more than that.

    Guys there will try to rip you off for the coconut drinks – like one week they asked for $20 BBD. Shocking, right, when you know a coconut costs $2 BBD. Then, the next time I went there, they were asking for $10 BBD – now that is reasonable. The next time, they were $15…. those guys, they are nice guys, but they can’t seem to make up their minds! It’s bad for business, guys, OK!? Lol make up your mind and stick with it!

    Anyway, Crane is a beautiful place and don’t miss Sam Lord’s castle while you’re in the area. Don’t forget to walk behind it and all the way down to the cliffs and the 2 beaches. I love this coast of Barbados, I always keep going back there.

  • Patrick Courtemanche says:

    Presently vacationning near Crane Beach. Seaweed is a real problem. Makes swimming unpleasant. To bad because I enjoy the beach itself and the surf is great. I recommend a beach on the Carribean aide of the Island. Less surf but no seaweed.

  • Phil says:

    Sorry got to disagree with your verdict on Ju Ju’s beach. Was there yesterday;
    Not great swimming at all, very rocky underfoot and idiots on jet skis thrashing around too close.
    45 Bd’s for 2 chairs and one umbrella! Do me a favour
    Downright rude and surly staff at the very moderate café bar
    I could go on but will spare, all in all one of the worst I’ve been to on the island
    also interesting to note that nearly all the guides to the island’s “best beaches” never include Thunder Bay in Lower Carlton
    Makes me wonder if the reviewers have even been to Barbados?

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